Unlike in the “Cool Runnings” movie, the Olympic bobsledding community welcomed the first Jamaican team and offered them guidance and spare sleds. They went on to crash in the Qualifying Round.

John Lennon paid all of the fines for 96 people who had been arrested in 1970 for protesting against the apartheid South Africa rugby team playing in Britain.

Brazilian footballer Carlos Kaiser staged his whole career for 24 years: he could barely kick a ball. In the first training session with every new team, the con man usually suffered a “muscle injury” that would keep him out for an indefinite period.

The longest Cricket Test match was played over 12 days between England and South Africa in 1939 and it was eventually abandoned, otherwise the England team would have missed the boat for home.

Unit 684 was a South Korean black-ops team of 31 convicted criminals whose mission was to kill North Korea’s premier Kim Il-sung. They mutinied, hijacked a bus, and were shot by the army or committed suicide.