Ireland has mounds of dirt that are known as “fairy forts” Legend has it that those who disturb one of these mounds will be riddled with bad luck. These mounds are actually ancient dwellings from the Iron Age.

Barns are painted red because red paint is cheap. The paint is cheap because iron is plentiful. Iron is plentiful because it is the final element formed out of a star’s death.

Cows have four stomachs. Often when a calf is born the farmer will make it swallow a magnet. This is to attract the various nails, staples, tacks, bits of wire, and so on that the cow may ingest while grazing. (This odd hunger is known to farmers as “hardware disease”) When the animal is slaughtered, the butcher will remove the magnet along with the metallic debris and sell the mass of iron and steel for scrap.