Jonathan Lee Riches, a prisoner, has filed more than 4,000 lawsuits. After hearing the Guinness World Records planned to name him the “most litigious man,” he sued them too.

Vladimir The Great, Prince of Kiev, considered converting to Christianity or Islam. He sent envoys to study both religions, but upon hearing that Islam forbade alcohol, he got baptized.

Anne Frank rewrote her diary in 1944 to improve content and language after hearing the Dutch government-in-exile’s advise to keep diaries as a record of what went on under the Nazis.

Cicadas have their hearing organs in their stomaches, at the base of the abdomen. Crickets have their hearing organs in their knees, or, more precisely, in the oval stilts of their forelegs.

Wolves are not particularly fast, with a top speed of about 45km/h. They instead rely on its hearing and sense of smell to detect prey. They have remarkable powers of endurance and are known to follow their target all day and night if necessary.