Ireland and the UK share a chequered history. In 1801, Great Britain annexed the Kingdom of Ireland under the Act of Union; in 1921, the Anglo-Irish Treaty established the Irish Free State, an independent dominion of the British crown partitioned from Northern Ireland; and in 1949, the Republic of Ireland became fully independent from the UK.

NASA was established on July 29, 1958, by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, as a civilian independent agency of the United States federal government executive branch.

People didn’t always say “hello” when they answered the phone. When the first regular phone service was established in 1878, Alexander Graham Bell suggested answering the phone with “ahoy.”

In 539 BC, Persian King Cyrus the Great issued the world’s first charter of human rights. He freed slaves, declared that all people had the right to choose their own religion, and established racial equality.

In 1973, Le Duc Tho became the first and only person ever to voluntarily refuse a Nobel Peace Prize. He negotiated a ceasefire in the Vietnam War but peace was not yet established.

Wolf packs are established according to a strict hierarchy, with a dominant alpha male at the top and alpha female not far behind. Usually this male and female are the only animals of the pack to breed. Packs consist of between five and ten animals – usually offspring from several years. All of a pack’s adults help to care for young pups by bringing them food and watching them while others hunt.